Apr 29

2014-2015 IEEE Officers

Congratulations to our new IEEE Officers for 2014-2015!


  • President: Isaac Trevino
  • Vice-President: Justin Falcon
  • Secretary: Marbella Ibarra
  • Treasurer: Samantha Indalecio
  • Networking Officer: Raul Ramos
  • Program Director: Eder Torres
  • Multimedia Officer: Aaron Chiriku
  • Recruitment Chair: Jesus Chavez
Also, congratulations to our iPad raffle WINNER, JUSTIN FALCON!!!!

Apr 25

Last General Meeting

Hey IEEE members!
Tuesday April 29, at noon in room 1.236 will be our LAST GENERAL MEETING so don’t miss out!!!
We will be voting for next years officers, we will be accepting nominations till Tuesday! 
President – Isaac, James
Vice-President – Jesus, Justin F., Raul
Secretary – Justin F., Marbella, Dominic
Treasurer - Sam, Valerie
Networking Officer - Dominic, Raul
Program Director – Dominic R.
Multimedia Officer – Aaron
Recruitment Chair – Jesus

RAFFLE TICKETS: $3 for a black 16gb iPad Mini!!

We are still selling raffle tickets so if you guys are interested look around for an officer!!
 (The drawing will be during the meeting)

Apr 06

IEEE Region 5 Conference 2014

UTPA IEEE Student Branch, represented by 18 EE/CE majors, attended the IEEE Region 5 Conference 2014, from April 4-6, held at the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas.

We are proud to announce that UTPA won the Outstanding Small Student Branch 2014 Award.






























Check out more photos from the conference in our Photos under the IEEE R5 Conference 2014 album.

Feb 20

Engineering Week 2014


Hello Everyone!

As you can see, February 16 – 22 is w1601402_350598848413012_700819294_nhat we know as E-Week! This is the time to explore the young minds of tomorrow and share your latest projects with the Engineering world. For that we say we will be having schools from all over the Rio Grande Valley come and visit what we have in the College of Engineering. If you have any questions on whether you’d like to share some ideas or projects or even help, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will gladly respond to any of your inquiries.

So does anybody have anything to show, We may be setting booths just for YOU!!! Be part of the annual Engineering Week with IEEE. Thanks, and may your journeys go… you know the rest!!!

For our UTPA IEEE members:

Friday, February 21 & Saturday February 22, IEEE will be helping out with E-WeeK. We will be receiving groups of approximately 30 students and we will have for them  a hands on activity, so we need volunteers to make sure the students enjoy a full Engineering environment!!


Friday [8:55am - 1:35pm] & Saturday [8:30am - 11:20am]
You don’t have to stay the entire time you can stop by and help just for an hour we would really appreciate your help!

We will be meeting both Friday and Saturday at 8am in the Micro. Lab [NEXT TO THE DIGITAL ROOM] to get everything ready and to go over what the hands on activity will be.

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